Taking Up Space ft. Chic Soul Plus Size Dresses

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One of the hardest parts of my body love journey has been learning to accept that I take up space.

Dress by Chic Soul

I’ve written about this before, especially in the context of loving to travel as a fat person. But trying to physically and mentally accept the sheer diameter of my body in time and space has been the struggle.

I’ve met a lot of plus size people who wear loose clothing to hide their shape, but I was always the opposite.

I thought that if I wore a tight enough shirt paired with a perfectly flared skirt, it would convince people my waist was smaller than it felt. My cardigans and zip up hoodies were always a size too small in the hopes of squeezing the fat on my arms into something more compact.

Dress by Chic Soul

I didn’t want to hide under a tent and make sure no one saw the space I was talking. The space I was taking needed to literally be squeezed inch by painful inch to ensure I was taking up the least amount possible.

This fear of filling space has slowly shrunk in most areas of my life. I let my personality reflect into every corner and my opinions are no longer mumbles but massive speech bubbles.

But the next frontier was fashion that LITERALLY took up space. I was absolutely horrified of oversized clothing.

Dress by Chic Soul

I had to take baby steps, y’all.

For My Wildest Dreams Maxi Dress in a 3X felt like a safe place to start. Yes, leopard is a comfort zone for me, okay?

Dress by Chic Soul

My first thought was OH MY LORD THIS IS SO COMFORTABLE. It was sort of like wearing your favorite cotton blanket out, but a blanket that was somehow chic and bold and made my chest look awesome. Not gonna lie, I got nervous that it was so shapeless. So I put a belt on to help ease me into it.

Next, I tried a similar cut dress with the Hot Tropics Maxi Dress in a 3X.

Dress by Chic Soul

I wanted to channel sexy beachy vibes, and red is totally my power color, so this dress managed to bring these together. I don’t think I ever would have felt confident enough to pull this off, but I still felt ridiculously sexy and strong in this silhouette.

Finally, I went big into the tent dress style with the Beach Breeze Dress in a 3x (similar style here).

Dress by Chic Soul

I was the most nervous for this dress because it was short, flowy, AND in a color I never normally wear. But this is hands down my new favorite year-round dress!

I felt so free, simply letting the fabric move and play around. Not worrying about how my body looked but simply letting it breathe was incredible. I’ll also be throwing this on with tights and an oversize cardigan as it gets colder to transition this into fall!

Dress by Chic Soul

It’s important to take up the space you deserve, even if it that means the physical space the fabric on your body takes.

I’m so glad I took a chance on getting out of my comfort zone with Chic Soul.

How are you taking up space?


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