Inclusive Activewear Box by YogaClub: Plus Size Review

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A huge part of feeling comfortable and confident in my own skin when I’m doing yoga or weight lifting or anything else is making sure my workout gear is as fabulous as I am.

I don’t want to hide behind comically oversized, hella thick shirts that make me sweat more, and ratty gym shorts that make weird swishy noises when they chafe my legs.

I want my workout clothes to be bold and colorful. I want to feel confident when I’m out there taking up space. And I really want to be comfortable.

But the problem with being a 3X/24 is finding activewear that can be as bold and fashionable as I am while still making it through hot yoga comfortably.

So when YogaClub announced they were expanding their size range to include up to a size 3X, I knew that I had to try it out!

YogaClub is a subscription box service that delivers a three piece yoga set to your door for $79. You’ll take a style quiz before the first shipment, and a stylist will pick from brands like Beyond Yoga, Glyder, Onzie, and more. There’s also a really simple return policy in case you aren’t happy!

So I signed up for my first box after I took my style quiz, and these are the pieces I received:

Onzie Chic Sports Bra in Black – 3X

The second I opened up this sports bra, I was so in love with the complicated woven back. I always want sports bras like this, especially when I’m doing yoga cause then I totally feel the part. But it’s SO hard to find them in plus sizes.

This one was super comfy and so adorable, but I also totally get WHY they don’t do a lot of tiny strappy boulder holders in plus: they do NOT actually hold your boobs well. I’m a 46D, so I was totally good practicing a chill vinyasa in my living room. But if I tried to take this to Hot Rap Yoga, my sweat might cause some flashing.

I definitely like this piece, but it probably won’t be as prominent in my workout rotation as it will be under low back shirts when I’m going out!

Glyder Tie Back Tank in Black – 3X

Okay, not gonna lie. When I pulled this out of my box, I was SO confused. I got a little tangled in the loose ends. But the second I put it on, I fell in LOVE.

The front is a really simple, perfectly hanging swing tank that hits at the perfect lower stomach length. The fabric is also SUPER soft, managing to be thin yet substantial.

It took me a minute to realize you can tie the back, so my first attempt at down dog with it untied was awkward. I sorta felt like they were curtain and I was the glorified rod. BUT. Tied up, it was amazing. I am totally wearing this to hot yoga like ASAP so my back can breathe. I’m also definitely wearing this out, untied, with a cute lace neon bra!

AR-33 Ombre Printed Leggings in 3X

Leggings seem like they should be so easy for plus babes, but man, are they HARD to find that are actually cute, comfortable, and functional. I was really nervous about these, especially since printed leggings can be a total peep show sometimes. And while these aren’t perfect, I’m pretty impressed, especially coming from a brand that doesn’t typically sell plus clothing.

First things first, THEY FIT. I’m always really wary of the 3X label, because that can mean anything from a size 20 to a size 26. These are leggings, so they stretched, but I didn’t have to do the hop and jiggle dance to squish into them.

The print DID stretch out a bit, especially around my stomach area. Honestly, I would have been SHOCKED if they didn’t. I’ve never met a print that didn’t distort on my lower half. But they weren’t totally see through. I probably won’t take these to do deadlifts and squats, but they would be great for walking or level one yoga.

Overall, while there is definitely room to improve, I am really impressed with YogaClub.

For a company just getting into the plus size activewear space AND with brands who normally don’t even make above a L, this is a really great start. I also really liked the options sent to me, so the style quiz was spot on. Finally, customer service has been great and the user experience is awesome.

There’s definitely room to grow, as with all things, but especially when it comes to sizing. Obviously a wider size range would be great (or maybe some more true to size stuff) as well as more options. There are a LOT of plus activewear companies out there who would be great to partner with YogaClub. I definitely get the feel that this is a longterm goal!

Second, the sizing charts are really confusing. There isn’t one universal size chart for the whole website, which makes sense considering the brands all vary so much. However, this is SUPER confusing when that whole 3X-is-actually-five-sizes conundrum.

I’m definitely happy to have a new plus activewear option on the scene, especially one that sends it to my door in a hot pink box for such a great price!

Get ready hot yoga, I’m coming for you with my YogaClub Fit, and I’ll be looking FANTASTIC.

Do you want to try your own YogaClub Box? Use the code CHUBBY20 for $20 off your own box FOR LIFE. So each box will only be $59. Yes, every box you order. SO WHAT ARE YOU DOING GO SIGN UP!

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