Linen Love: Plus Linen Pieces for a Wet Hot Summer

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I don’t know about you, but I am perpetually sweaty. Like, I am definitely needed extra deodorant even in the winter. And it doesn’t help that I currently live in Houston, which is sort of a swamp sometimes.

So how do you balance sweaty and stylish? The secret is LINEN.

TBH, I had never really worn any linen? And I always associated it with either people retiring in Boca Raton or yogis doing back bends. While linen may be great for both of those things, linen is also the secret weapon for plus size women in the summer.

First, linen is incredibly breathable.

This means that even with longer pants or sleeves, you don’t feel like your armpits or inner thighs are in some sort of spandex jail.

Second, most linen clothing is hella oversized.

I was definitely worried since linen doesn’t stretch particularly, but almost every piece of linen clothing I’ve come across has an extra 3″-10″ of space. So you can either relish in the flowy oversized vibes OR have more access to sizing that make have excluded you before.

I’m heading to Panama with work this month, and I was literally told this time of year in Panama is “the wet season.”

I was super worried about spending hours a day trekking through the beach or rainforest and staying cool BUT still work appropriate. But I think I’m gonna be set, y’all. Linen is my new best friend forever.

If you’re also trying to brave you own wet hot summer, or maybe your own wet hot armpits, here are my favorite plus size linen picks for this season!

Old Navy Plus Size Linen Wide Leg Pants

I always go back and forth on Old Navy, partially because I’m slightly scarred from a very weird pre-teen phase where I only wore Old Navy’s pajamas, graphic tees, and flip flops as everyday attire.

BUT. These pants are like the damn holy grail. I bought a pair in black and after wearing them once immediately ordered the rest of the colors. They breathe even when I’m sweaty, are comfy for walking and lazing, and make my butt look cute.

Universal Thread Linen Kimono

Even though it may be 100 degrees and humid, I can’t always be wearing the least amount of clothing possible, especially in work situations. I love a light layer I can throw on top, especially when it’s something flowy enough I feel like I have wings!

Eloquii Wrap Tie Front Dress

Do I even need to explain anything about my love for Eloquii? Or the fact that my most worn items are all from them? And every time I open the box from them I gasp a little? Yeah. This dress speaks for itself.

Torrid Black Linen Shortalls

I’m forever in love with overalls, but long denim is really not okay for Texas most of the year. These short overalls are my new favorite cute summer go-to. A button down and cute flats make it sweet, but a crop-top and high tops give it some sass.

ASOS Linen Paper Bag Waist Skirt

Orange is slowly starting to grow on me. I avoided it for years with the whole feeling-like-a-giant-carrot-thing, but it’s such a bold color I love it! And this silhouette is so good. I want this in fifty colors, k thx.

Old Navy Plus Linen Ruffle Sleeve Top

One of my biggest issues with a lot of linen clothing is that it only come in taupe, beige, brown, and natural. While I do love some simplicity, that’s just not my usual vibe. I was SUPER pumped this shirt was kitschy, colorful, and fun. But they have simpler versions as well if you’re not into Rock Lobster as much as I am.

CoEdition Linen Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are everything. I would wear them every single day if I owned enough. Granted, using the restroom is the ultimate chubby struggle. But, it is so worth it to look amazingly put together but only have to wear one item. This is the piece I would wear if I could only wear one thing for the rest of my life.

Loft Plus Linen Blend Halter Dress

Yellow is the newest addition to my power style colors. It makes me feel bright and sunny, standing out in a crowd without being too brazen. I also cannot resist pockets. This is totally another day to night piece. Blazer and heels? Totally ready for a meeting. Wide brim hat and some sandals? Brunch here I come!

ASOS Curve Linen Blend Crop Top

I love a good crop top. Since I basically want all my pants to be all the way up to my armpits, crop tops are the perfect pairing for them. I also love that this crop could be perfectly french tucked for when I’m feeling like Tan France.

Torrid Wide Leg Teal Linen Pants

Despite loving clothes as much as I do, I can only handle so many outfit changes in a day. So when I find pieces that’ll take me from marketing meetings in the morning to a cocktail date with the beau, I basically want to buy them in every color. These are TOTALLY those pants.

I can put a crop top under a cardigan and button the bottom half, then shed the top layer after work and put on some sparkly earrings. Perfect day to night!

What plus size linen pieces are your favorite?

Let me know what you get – I wanna see pictures!


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