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When I was a kid, we had a giant orange tree in my backyard. I have vivid memories of jumping as high as I could to reach the perfect orange. Then I would stretch out on a clover patch, carefully peeling the fruit. That first bite was always sweet and sour. The taste of my childhood.

I don’t live near orange trees anymore; honestly, I’m not sure I’ve had an orange in years. But when Populum sent me their CBD oil to try out, that first dropper full sent me back 20 years to that first bite of an orange slice.

Y’all, Populum is DELICIOUS.

Populum CBD Starter Kit

But even beyond that crazy nostalgia I’m reveling in, Populum is an incredible company with incredible products. Here are a few of the reasons why I’m sold on Populum and why I think they have the best CBD oil after my first taste:

Populum CBD Tincture tastes really damn good.

I was super worried that CBD oil was going to taste like licking a hemp plant. Not gonna lie, that was a HUGE factor in being wary of trying it. But the second I opened my 500mg bottle of Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil, it smelled like I was at a hella good farmer’s market.

Instead of using gross artificial flavoring (bubble gum, anyone?), Populum works with the natural properties of the oil extracts from the hemp plant itself, cold pressed orange zest, coconut oil, and grapeseed oil. It’s so unique, they even won awards. AWARDS Y’ALL.

While there is just a teeny tiny hint of hemp flavor at the end, the fresh bitten orange flavor of the tincture is incredible!

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Populum is a company that seriously believes in transparency and high quality products.

I am a HUGE proponent of authenticity and transparency in every aspect of my life, so it’s incredibly important that the products I use (ESPECIALLY in or on my body) adhere to those standards.

Despite the public’s super quick adoption of hemp CBD, the U.S. industry is still relatively new and is mainly unregulated by the FDA and USDA. Essentially, each CBD company is responsible to hold itself accountable for its quality. But, big surprise, people and companies are shady. Some companies companies out there that are not being entirely truthful about what is (or is not) in their product.

Populum is not one of those shady companies.

They hold themselves to the highest standard by conducting multiple in-house and third party lab tests to ensure the quality of every product. Before an order is shipped out, they test every single batch for toxins and to certify the CBD concentration by an independent third-party lab.

You even get the Certificate of Analysis with every Populum bottle, so you know EXACTLY what’s in your formulation.

Populum lets you TRY their products risk-free.

I had never tried CBD oil before Populum. I’ve read the incredible stories about how it can help with anxiety, ADHD, pain, insomnia, and so much more. And I was SO ready for relief from all of the above. But what if I hated it? The last thing I wanted to do was drop serious cash on something I’ll never use. Populum already knew what I wanted.

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Populum is the first brand in the CBD industry to offer a risk-free trial.

You get 30 days to try your CBD oil. And that’s a whole month’s worth of product. Not like 30 days to try a single dose. If you decide you don’t like it, no problem! They let you return it for a full refund. There are no sample sizes. There is no catch. You can even finish the whole bottle and decide it doesn’t work for you. Why wouldn’t you try it??

Populum Logo

I am a total Populum convert.

I’ve only used it for a week now, and I can already tell this is gonna be a game changer for me. My anxiety level has lowered, my brain hasn’t been as scattered, and I’m sleeping like a baby. I already have their monthly subscription (with free shipping!) in my shopping cart. Hands down best CBD oil.

Want a discount on your 30 day Populum trial? Use the code RISKFREE10 for 10% off!

Have you tried CBD oil? Or any other Populum products such as their Cooling Hemp Rub? What are your thoughts?

This post was created in partnership with Populum, including gifted product.

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