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Fun Fact:  I’m a professional marketer and copywriter.  I have a 9-5 job doing badass work close to my heart, and I also offer consulting and freelance services to a few select clients (there’s only so many hours in the week!).

Because i’m always on the move, I find myself carrying a LOT of bag.  A work bag for my laptop, a bag for my lunch, a separate gym bag – and often a large tote or carryon suitcase for a photoshoot. The over-packing blogger life is no joke.

And with so many bags, I find that it’s easy to forget something.  Socks for the gym, a notebook with my grocery list on it, or doggie bags for Mookie when we go to the dog park.

So, when Knack Bags reached out and invited me to test their large Knack Pack, I was intrigued.  I’ve always been a little anti-backpack (I think because I was homeschooled and jealous of kids who had to use them..) but my mind has been BLOWN by Knack.

Here’s my reviews and thoughts on how I use the Knack Pack as a work out bag, for travel, and as an everyday carry to the office.

Note:  Knack Bags did send me a gratis Knack Pack to try, but this review is 100% my take. Y’all now I don’t bullshit you. If you decide to purchase a Knack Pack, please use my affiliate link in this post. (Affiliate links help me create more awesome content!)

From the Gym to the Office (or Coffee Shop!)

I’m also able to work from home (a.k.a. My fave Houston coffee shops).  Being able to work remotely allows me to get a lot more done, and I’m always at Brasil, Coterie, or good old Starbucks with some iced coffee and a delicious pastry.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram you’ve seen me post gym photos, as well as share my weightlifting pics.  I usually go to the gym before work at like 5am, which means getting ready at the gym for work.  If you also do this, you know people bring in multiple bags to the gym to get their workout in before 9AM. And there’s no way I wanna juggle it all when I’m barely awake.

But I just need one bag, the Knack Pack!

I love the Knack Pack, because I just have to pack one bag in the morning.  I put all my work stuff (notebooks, headphones, laptop, etc) in the front pocket, and then pack for the gym in the expandable compartment.  It fits my gym shoes, workout clothes, etc, really easily. I’d love to see Knack Bags make a toiletry bag to fit my shower products (hint hint y’all).

After the gym, I can change for the office.  Or I head to a coffee shop (like in these photos) to get some work done.  I’m rocking the green SuperFit Hero set (my new FAVE workout set).

Best Bag for Work Travel

I travel for work, mostly in the US and South America, and I’m not able to bring as many suitcases as I bring on vacation (lol).  On these work trips I am representing my employer, so it’s important to show up looking professional. But I also gotta look hella cute!

The Knack Pack is the perfect combination of work bag and travel backpack.  I’m able to get it through TSA with no problem (love the laptop sleeve – makes it way easier to go through security), and I usually use it as my carry-on bag. In fact, I’m totally using it to fly to Miami as I write this!!

It fits 4 outfits, and I can compress the expandable suitcase compartment for when I’m on-site.  I’ll be taking the Knack Pack on a work trip to Panama this summer, so be sure to join me on Facebook to see pics!

Influencer Travel (Plus Size Travel Blogger FTW!)

This bag is EXCELLENT for bloggers who travel. I used it on my recent trip to New Orleans, where I usually have to pack more than one bag because of all the outfits I wanted to photograph for you all. BUT MY KNACK PACK HELD IT ALL.

The Knack Pack is also great for shooting on location.  I kept all my outfits in it, and my photographer was able to store his camera in it and wear it on his back.

Usually if I’m shooting I have to stash my outfits out of sight and keep an eye on them. Everything stayed put in the Knack Pack.

Should I Get a Medium or Large?

Since sharing the Knack Pack on my Instagram Story, I’ve had a few readers ask about what size to get.  I’m 5’9”, and the large looks great AND fits my wide shoes with room to spare. I think that shorter people can rock the large bag, but if you’re worried about that I would honestly recommend ordering both sizes and then seeing what fits best.

It makes more sense to order by the amount of stuff you need to carry, I think.  If you need to pack more than 3 outfits, I’d go with the large!

What Do You Think?

The Knack Pack is a versatile hybrid backpack. I am so totally part of the backpack crew now.

Have you tried one? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!!

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