Nomo Fomo for Mookie: Anxiety Treats for Doggo

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Anxiety is ruff.

I’m a grown woman with four years of anti-anxiety medication, intensive talk therapy, and complete life overhauls in areas of my personal life, professional life, and familial life.

But I still get caught up in anxiety sometimes. Just recently, an onslaught of changes and overwhelm left me having a panic attack at 3am in a new city, hyperventilating outside of a Walgreens.

Anxiety sucks as a 5’9”, 335 pound woman. But I cannot imagine anxiety as a 6”, 5 pound doggo.

I’ve had Mookie since he was three months old. He was just a little two pound guy who squeaked his way into my lap and my heart.

Over the past four years, my little doggo has been my best friend. But whether it’s too much coddling, losing his brother when he was young, or just general anxiety osmosis, he’s become as nervous as I can be.

After recently moving, he’s had a hard time adjusting to our new apartment. Every creak sets him off. Our upstairs neighbors make a sound, and he starts crying and running in tight circles. Most mornings are spent giving nervous licks for 45 minutes.

So when I heard about FOMO Bones, I was super excited!

FOMO Bones are a CBD infused treat for anxious dogs who love being around you 24/7.

I was really excited to try these treats out, and I was not disappointed. First off, Mookie LOVED the taste. He was so excited for these treats, he was doing happy dances every time I pulled out the bag.

About 30-45 minutes after eating a FOMO bone, he began to relax. He was no longer barking at every single sound outside. Instead of licking my arm while I was working, he curled up on the couch next to me very calmly. When my partner came over to make dinner, Mookie just watched from afar instead of getting tangled up in the kitchen around everyone’s feet.

Overall, I’m incredibly happy with the FOMO Bones, and Mookie is too!

I’m really excited to take this with me in a road trip out of town soon! It will make the weekend much easier knowing I’m not worried about my anxious little buddy.

Do you want to try out FOMO Bones for your fur baby? Use the code CHUBBYSTRUGGLES at this link to get 10% off!

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