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Unplugging ft. Soncy

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Have you ever unplugged?

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Typically this means disconnecting from all of your technology and just living in the moment. Just FYI, it can be REALLY difficult. I’m never very good at unplugging because my whole life is centered around technology. With work being digital marketing focused, Chubby Struggles being online, and half of my closest friends being around the country, unplugging is REALLY unplugging.

But unplugging is so beneficial.

It allows you to truly enjoy the people and places in front of you instead of seeing them through a screen or a lens. It also lets you take a break from comparison. I know I can super easily get caught up in looking at everyone else on Instagram and be jealous of how they look in that dress, where they’re traveling, or their adorable selfies with their partner. Unplugging gives you a chance to take a deep breath and practice gratitude.

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I love all of these things, but it’s hard to find a middle ground that allows me to take a break but also not lose my place in my digital-centric life. So I’m starting to find ways to redefine unplugging as it works for me.

One major part of unplugging for me is prioritizing the people in front of me.

When I’m out with friends in person, I focus on keeping my phone in my purse and really engaging 100%. This also means enjoying the silence instead of avoiding it. When there’s a lull in conversation, instead of pulling out my phone, I just relax. I let myself get comfortable with the presence of people I love, and there is something so freeing in that.

Another way I unplug is actually letting myself have some free time.

This means letting the work emails wait until the work day and actually spending time doing something just for me. This can be knitting a sweater or reading an immersive fiction book simply for the joy. Sometimes this means I’m still using technology (knitting is best paired with a Netflix binge) but I’m still unplugging from the day to day grind.

Pants: Soncy. Use the code CHUBBYSTRUGGLESxSONCY for a discount!

Unplugging means something different for everyone.

What do you do to unplug?

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