Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone ft. CoEdition, Universal Standard

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I have experienced a lot of crazy life things out of my comfort zone.

I’ve moved halfway across the country on a whim. Got divorced. Switched careers more than once. Traveled to Europe alone. Began the journey of dealing with my mental health. Started pursuing my wildest dreams. Got a lot of tattoos.

Top: CoEdition; Pants: Universal Standard; Shoes: Eloquii

I’ve always been really good at going with the flow of the chaos. It is a family skill we are all proud of: when things get tough, you keep going and laugh along the way. When major life changes happen, I stride forward into them with my head mostly high and my hands only slightly shaking. But the one thing I can’t seem to face is stability.

When things are going right in life, I start to get nervous. I have an entire toolbox of skills for dealing with the crazy and unexpected, but how does one deal with regularity? schedules? normality? To be fair, I have had an insane year. You can ask my therapist. But when the times were okay, my bills were mostly paid, I had food in the fridge, and I wasn’t fighting with any of my friends? I felt restless and unsure. I was forever waiting for the walls to come crashing in.

While I am a total pro at chaos, I’m a total n00b at stability.

Top: CoEdition; Pants: Universal Standard; Shoes: Eloquii

Realizing this was incredibly eye opening. It wasn’t pleasant to accept, but damn it made sense. So now I’m focusing on learning to let go when things are going all right. There’s no need to make chaos just because that’s what is familiar. Instead, I can jump out of my comfort zone and enjoy the new experience of stability.

Just because my life has had a lot of chaos, it does not mean I need to live in that space. Some of the ways I’m learning to live in peace are:

  1. Taking deep breaths when I’m feeling uneasy
  2. Using my antsy time to do something I love, like watch a favorite TV show or knit something
  3. Prioritize time with the people I love, but also prioritize time with myself
  4. Meditate, even if it’s just five minutes and my mind is wandering

How do you find a sense of peace in the steady? Or am I the only one craving chaos?

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