Gemini Duality in a Dress: Eshakti Custom Dress

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Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m a total astrology person.

I’m always obsessing over astrology meme accounts, checking for posts I can forward to my besties while I call them out (Come on, my favorite Virgos are just SUCH Virgos…). My sign is Gemini, the twins. My favorite part of this astrological sign is the focus on duality.

Dress: eShakti

I feel like I can relate so strongly to having multiple sides. There are many opposing forces at work in me. Optimism and depression. A love for data but a heavy creative streak. A perfect ambivert.

When you find a piece of clothing that perfectly fits both sides, it’s a match made in heaven.

Dress: eShakti

I’ve been a fan of eShakti for YEARS. I love their incredibly inclusive sizing as well as the ability to completely customize every piece.

This dress was originally a maxi with a super deep v-neck. I customized it to have a higher neck for work and a knee-length hem. This dress is PERFECT! The color is stunning and the velvet waist fits beautifully. This will be a fall go-to for sure.

Dress: eShakti

Have you ever ordered custom clothing? Would you? Let me know!

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