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Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Bright Red ASOS String Bikini

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I love my body so much more than I did, but I was not sure I loved it enough for a plus size string bikini.

There had been tons of bikinis in and out of my online shopping carts for WEEKS. Crop tops? Gimme gimme. Shorts? All summer long. But to put my whole body basically out there? To let my belly flip and flop IN PUBLIC.

There was no way that was happening. Which is exactly why I found myself eagerly watching the tracking information for this red two piece.

I’m not going to lie.

The first time I put it on, I cried.

Bikini: ASOS

Every terrible rush of shame and fear came rushing in when I tied the bows on my hips. But I threw it in my suitcase for a last minute trip to Miami anyway. Putting on the bikini to go to the pool, I was horrified. I looked in the mirror, begging it to show me how I could pose to hide my body.

Then I stopped. I looked myself dead in the eye and said,

“Girl, you look HOT. You are incredible, brave, strong, and sexy. Go do the damn thing!”


Bikini: ASOS

It wasn’t about the bikini. It was about being brave and reminding myself that I am incredible, no matter what other people may think or say about my body. All that matters is what I think and say. I think I’m incredible, and I’ll stand in front of the mirror and tell myself that every damn day.

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