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Boldly Colorful

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Someone told me I was a very colorful person, so I’ve been trying to fully live inside of that moniker and be as colorful as possible.

Dress: Eloquii

This is already pretty easy because I am literally very colorful with heaps of technicolor tattoos, and I’m rather colorful figuratively since I have way too many crazy ass stories and every other word out of my mouth is something my Grandma would disapprove of.

But sometimes I get scared.

Dress: Eloquii

As I was donning this particularly stunning and colorful frock from Eloquii, I got nervous. I looked in the mirror and doubted myself, wondering if I should tone it down with a black cardigan or overtop. Nevermind that is was 90 degrees outside and I was already leaking sweat from every orifice. I wanted to blend in, like a smudge in the backdrop of people.

Being brave can be scary, even for the most colorful of us.

Dress: Eloquii

But if you try to hide the color, the world slowly becomes a duller place. It can be so nerve wracking to shimmy into that hot pink dress or gallivant around in your emerald green sweater. But do it anyway.

You are wonderful, fascinating, and colorful and deserve to be a bright spot in the universe. So go on, be #boldlycolorful and shake things up.


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