3 Tips on Getting Yourself Into a Pair of Shorts

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I’ve traveled alone across the world, gotten spur of the moment tattoos, moved to another state with two weeks notice, and survived a myriad of crazy adventures.

But I still get nervous when I put on a pair of short shorts.

Sometimes the smaller things can be infinitely scarier than the big things.

Shirt: Target; Shorts: Torrid

But with the help of Torrid, I got my adorable behind into some even more adorable shorts. Here are a few of my tips for getting YOUR adorable behind into a pair too!

Shirt: Target; Shorts: Torrid

1. Find shorts you LOVE

I truly believe getting dressed should be hella fun all the time, so I always make sure to find items of clothing that make me happy! I love cute details or small elements on an item of clothes that make it special and unique. When I was picking shorts from Torrid, I was nervous about how short they were, but I could NOT resist the adorable floral embroidery! It’s the little things that help give that boost of confidence sometimes.

Shirt: Target; Shorts: Torrid

2. Pair them with something that makes you feel comfortable

I am all for baby steps. Even the smallest of steps forward is still forward; we all gotta start somewhere. I get self conscious when I’m showing a lot of skin, so I decided to pair my tiny shorts with longer sleeves. This felt like balance, which I’m so here for.

Shirt: Target; Shorts: Torrid


Yeah, okay. Easier said than done. But not really. Go, put those shorts on. RIGHT NOW. Look at yourself in the mirror and say “You are SEXY AS HELL. Let’s DO this.” Now wear them outside. The world will not end with a little more of your skin showing. I promise. It may seem like everyone is staring, but they aren’t. But hell, even if they are, then flaunt your fabulous self and move on.

Sometimes the little (or short!) things can be scary, but some fears are made to be stood up against.


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