Tattoos-Day: Red String of Fate

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redstringThe red string of a fate is an East Asian belief with variations throughout a myriad of cultures. The myth states people who are destined to intertwine or meet at some point in their lives are tied together with a red string, either by the ankle or pinky finger. No matter how knotted, twisted, or tangled the thread gets, it always lead them back to the person who is their destiny.

I am not an incredibly religious person. I spent a long time in church as a kid/young adult, but that’s an entirely different story. My beliefs are complicated now, but fate has always been important to me.

Have you ever met one of those people who you see and just know they will mean something to you? Not even love at first sight. Just important and connection. Or perhaps the ones who you know will come back, even if it must be years until they resurface.


One hand holds Forget-Me-Nots. These flowers symbolize true love, lifetime connections, and loyalty through hardship. The other hand holds Pink Daisies, which mean friendship and luck.

This tattoo was partially on a whim, though the red string of fate has been a long-time obsession in my life. I used to cut strands of red yarn and tie them on my finger, in hopes they would lead me to my soulmate.

I’ve become a little more cynical and a little less hell-bent on finding my Disney prince, but the romantic in me will forever bloom. I will always believe that there are strings in place tying me to my soulmates, albeit romantic or platonic. I have met some, I have let some go, and I know there are more to come.


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