Who wears short shorts? Plus size women do!

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I have dived into crop tops, ran full speed into body con, and decked myself out in sheer everything. But I am still absolutely terrified of shorts.

I remember wearing a pleated plaid mini skirt (oh hello, schoolgirl fashion of the 2000s) while out shopping with friends. I was feeling HELLA fine, showing off my legs as often as possible. As my girlfriends were trying on clothes in a store that didn’t carry my size, I sat on a chair and looked at the mirror across the way. All I could see was piles of flesh and cellulite. I was horrified.


I threw away the skirt the next day and didn’t wear anything short for years.

Even now, after fighting to love myself and succeeding, I still have a hard time wearing shorts. They’re so damn… SHORT.


Shorts: Torrid; Bodysuit: Ashley Nell Tipton; Hat: Forever 21

But recently I’ve been trying to live boldly and colorfully, in every aspect of my life. So I took some Torrid shorts out for a spin. On a quick weekend trip to New Orleans, I wore these ridiculously comfortable bright orange shorts with a floral bodysuit that I knew made me feel like hot stuff. I was terrified.

I totally did the nervous tugging, the hiding behind my friend when walking. Then it got even worse when we took photos and I saw what my legs looked like. But I realized nobody gave a crap.


Shorts: Torrid; Bodysuit: Ashley Nell Tipton; Hat: Forever 21

No one was looking at my legs, laughing at me. No one made disgusted sounds. Or if they did, I didn’t hear because I was too busy having fun and enjoying myself. Instead of worry about what my legs looked like, I was worried about where I was going to find my next Daiquiri.

It’s amazing how much space is left in your head to truly enjoy the things happening in front of you when you let go of the worry. All of sudden, there is so much more to do and see and appreciate when you’re focused on the here and now instead of the lumps and dimples.


Shorts: Torrid; Bodysuit: Ashley Nell Tipton; Hat: Forever 21

I’m still nervous about shorts. And I still have some even shorter but even more adorable Torrid shorts to rock. But I’m glad to know the world still turns even when my legs are out for the fun too.

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