Tattoo-sday: Let us go then, you and I…

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I am a really big fan of matching tattoos.

I know, I know. It’s totally lame. But I’m really obsessed. Though I believe highly in coordinating tattoos. I’ve gotten coordinating ones with a few of the incredibly important people in my life, which I’ll talk about eventually, but one of the most meaningful to me is the text on my right forearm.

In simple typewriter font it reads “Let us go then, you and I….”

I’ve always loved books. I had two closets as a kid: one filled with clothes and toys and the other floor to ceiling books. Stories and writing and words have always been a safe space for me. So after switching my major a million times in college, I eventually landed on Literature.

I decided this around the time I met my former sister in law and soon to be best friend Paige.

What started as general dislike and avoidance turned into a deep, incredible, forever soulmate friendship beginning from a mutual love for fairy tales. We eventually majored in Literature together, coordinating our schedules to match.

In one particular American Literature class, each student was required to memorize and recite an 8-15 line poem. The problem was none of the required reading list *spoke* to me or Paige (yeah we were totally those people.) but what did speak was The Love Song of Alfred J. Prufrock by T.S. Eliot.

A balled of over 100 lines involving one depressed white dude’s social anxiety about growing up and talking to women, we decided this was what we wanted to memorize and perform. It just made sense.

It was our first time working on an assignment together, breaking the rules of said assignment to fit our desires, and wildly succeeding by being ourselves.

After graduating college, living 1,600 miles apart, surviving lots of crazy ass life, we decided to commemorate our 7th friendship anniversary with tattoos.

This poem just sorta stuck.

I got the first line, and she got the last.

No matter what life brings in those lines in between, I know I’ve got Paige in the beginning and she’ll be there for the end.

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