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One of my favorite ladies on the interwebs Suma Jane Dark noted that plus size women are usually only shown from the most flattering angles. We are taught to tuck our rolls, hide our bumps, and squeeze in our squish. We do everything we can to make sure we look like a perfect hourglass.

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Tank + shorts: Tomboyx

Maybe we think that if we suck in our stomachs long enough, other people won’t notice it. If I lean ever so slightly against this counter with my arms tucked just right across my muffin top, perhaps that cute person won’t notice I’m fat.



That makes no goddamn sense.

My chubs won’t disappear because I concentrated and willed them to. Just like my credit card bill won’t disappear if I pretend it doesn’t exist.

I am fat.


Tank + shorts: Tomboyx

And sitting crooked, sucking in my stomach, or wearing multiple layers of spanks isn’t going to change that. When people bend or sit or move, their bodies do the same. It’s a natural part of being a human. We see this everyday by just existing, but media never seems to want to show what it actually looks like if somebody sits and has an ounce of body fat.

So let’s change that.

As Suma said, you’re 360 degrees of cute AF. So show it off!

I want to make sure I take more pictures showing my body from every angle. Whether I’m sitting, standing, lounging, whatever. Here is my body, all 360 degrees, all cute, all worth being seen. In order to change the norm, we have to get our norm out there!

Use the hashtag #cuteAF360 and let’s show the world how cute we are!

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