3 Ways to Turn Business Casual into Fun Business Chic

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I have a problem with business casual.

Not only is that term incredibly subjective, it has somehow become synonymous with boring basics and a complete lack of fun. Yeah, work may not always be the most exciting place, but your outfit doesn’t need to reflect that!


Blazer: ASOS; Bodysuit: Lane Bryant; Skirt: Universal Standard; Shoes: Clarks

Despite popular belief, I do actually have a job and do actually have to wear business casual from time to time. Obviously I stray far from the boring and basic, but you should be far away from that too!

With a little help from Universal Standard and their beautiful new business basics collection that is ANYTHING but basic, here are three quick tips to turning business casual into business chic.


Top: Ashley Nell Tipton; Pants: Universal Standard; Shoes: Clarks

  1. Use basics with a twist.

Having essential go-to pieces is incredibly important when trying to make a work wardrobe, but those essentials can be anything but boring. I always try to find basics with a twist: some sort of small element that sets it apart from every other pair of pants or blazer or cardigan I could get anywhere.

For me, this means blazers with an interesting lapel, perhaps a cardigan with some beading or interesting sleeves, or these kick ass pants from Universal Standard with the SUPER cool ankle details or this Universal Standard pencil skirt with some sexy cutout action.

Having a little extra pizzazz in your basics can easily take your business casual up a notch without much effort.


Top: Ashley Nell Tipton; Pants: Universal Standard

2.   Don’t be afraid to use patterns and textures.

The easiest way to make an outfit go from boring to BAM is mixing in a pattern or some sort of textile that it outside of the norm. I’m totally the person drawn to the loudest, hideous, most obnoxious patterns and colors ever. BUT. Even choosing teeny polka dots or a simple floral instead of a solid color can shake things up.

Textile differences can also make a huge difference, such as a velvet tee or some sequin detailing. You don’t have to be a human disco ball, but you can add interesting textures to add a lot of depth and dimension to your outfit.


Blazer: ASOS; Bodysuit: Lane Bryant; Skirt: Universal Standard; Shoes: Clarks

3.   Have fun!

Getting dressed should first and foremost be fun! If your clothes make you smile, YOU will smile. It’ll boost your mood, your confidence, and your style. You shouldn’t be putting things on your body that make you unhappy.

So grab something that causes grinning – maybe that lipstick in a bold color, that dress covered in stripes – and put it on, ASAP. You’ve got this!


Blazer: ASOS; Bodysuit: Lane Bryant; Skirt: Universal Standard; Shoes: Clarks

So what are YOU wearing to work this week? Let me know in the comments!

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