Mozzarella Sticks of Love

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Ever since I was a tiny awkward child, I’ve been in love with love.

My childhood journals are filled with the woes of unrequited love, fantasies of meeting a perfect boy who will kiss me, and sketches of outfits that I thought would help me meet my soulmate.

I still love the idea of love. Valentine’s Day will always be my favorite holiday, and I definitely still get teary eyed when I see couple so obviously in love. I used to ache for this. Seeing people look at each other with love in their eyes would put a gnawing feeling in the base of my heart to be the person across the table, seeing stars and hearts when I looked at that person.

I made some dumb decisions trying to chase that feeling. Unfortunately there are a lot of hours and tears I can’t take back. But through that winding road, I learned that while love can be stars and hearts floating in my eyes, love is so much more than that.

Love is motivational text messages every morning telling me to be strong. Love is calling me just to check in after a rough week. Love is screenshotting the same embarrassing things on Facebook and texting them to each other simultaneously. Love is sending me pictures of mozzarella sticks and telling me why I am just as delicious and wonderful as they are.

I spent so long looking for love through flowers and love letters and sweeping gestures. But I was missing the true love I was receiving from so many other places, and that is so much more important to me.

I’m still looking for those stars and hearts in my eyes, but until then, I’m definitely okay with being compared to a mozzarella stick.

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