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Pin Up Queen – Finding My Fashion Niche

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Fashion has always been a major love in my life.
When I was an anxious lil pre-teen, I would sketch outfits to wear that I felt would make me feel confident. There was some seriously hideous stuff. I would make notes on the fabric, prices if they were sold to consumers, even what types of occasions were appropriate. 

When I got older, I began learning how to sew. I took fashion design classes at my local community college. I even got into FIDM in Los Angeles. But I didn’t feel good enough. I toured the school and interviewed, but seeing all the skinny, beautiful women in amazing outfits made me feel mediocre and horribly out of place. 

I spent all my time creating and dreaming these designs, but I never wore anything special. I didn’t feel like I could. I thought fashion was reserved for the beautiful and talented, and I was just a lump with a sewing machine and some prismacolors I pretended to know how to use.

I started getting into fashion when I lost a lot of weight. I bought a lot of clothes, tried trends I never thought I could pull off, even wore a lot of sequins. But I was so eating disordered, I couldn’t appreciate it. All I saw were the lumps beneath the waistband and dimples below the hemline.

Flash forward, and I hadn’t sewn in years. It had been too expensive to bring my machine when I moved across the country, and I felt so defeated by my inability to “be fashionable” that I had given up the hobby. I called it a closed chapter.

When I first started following the body positive movement, I noticed a lot of plus size women in pin-up style. The hourglass emphasis made it flattering to all, and the red lipstick was so enticing. I wanted to try it. But I was far too broke to buy the clothes. So I began to sew again.
I began making circle skirts. They are so easy for even the sewing challenged like myself. The design was simple. I had endless cheap fabric options. I even made my first few out of old bed sheets. So I began to live my pin up dreams

Delving into the world of petticoats and pompadours helped me find a corner of the fashion world I could claim. I felt sexy and fun, and my personality began to showcase that as well. I was smiling, giggling, flirting. I felt like the person I had always wanted to be; my childhood sketchbook come to life.

This eventually kickstarted my journey into trying new styles, exploring all realms of fashion, and learning to embrace my body and style however I damn want to. I decided to try every trend I felt like, whether it was “flattering” or not. It’s fashion, and I love every second of it.

But when I tried on a Lady V London dress, all those wonderful pin up feelings came rushing back. The flirtatious skirt flips, the cheeky red lipstick, the fluffy petticoats. I started skipping around my room, twirling to the dismay of my dog. Pin up style holds a special place in my heart that I obviously need to bring back into rotation.

For some people it’s petticoats and red lips. For others it’s converse and torn jeans. For everyone, there’s a niche in the world of fashion. Hell, there’s as many niches as you damn well please. But it’s important to find what makes you feel amazing. So I’ll be dusting off my circle skirts and working on my victory rolls.

What makes you feel amazing? Go put it on. Right now. I can’t wait to see!

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