Souvenir Lessons – Appreciating the Little Things in Italy 

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Anxiety is a bitch.
It has the ability to ruin even the best moments because instead of enjoying what’s in front of me, I focus on everything that could/would/should/did go wrong. As I’m nearing the end of my travels (one more stop to go!), I’m taking souvenir lessons home with me. From Italy, I’m taking home an appreciation for the little things.

My time in Italy was HOT AF. It was sweaty, bright, and humid, leaving me way past exhausted with an awkward sunburn and a side of dehydration.

I wanted to sleep all day. I wanted to go home. I missed lots of ice and regular air conditioning. I was severely tempted to let that all ruin my time in Italy. God, I wanted to just be miserable in a puddle all day. It sounded so appealing.

But I didn’t. I couldn’t do that. Because amongst the complaining and misery (which I made vocal still… old habits die hard), I experience some of the most beautiful moments of my trip.

Laughing until my stomach ached and tears were pouring with my amazing roommates. The most incredible gelato with my newfound best friend/soulmate in a hidden alleyway. A moment of complete silence amongst hundreds of people in the Sistine Chapel. Dancing in the streets with hundreds of strangers.

So many small memories I’ll carry with me far beyond this adventure that may not wipe out the hours of sweat and achy feet, but they make every pain worth it.

Italy, you kicked my ass. Seriously. All those stairs, and my ass looks amazing. But really, those small moments of joy and awe are what make life worth living. Thank you, Italia, for the best souvenirs. Memories.
(Also those hilarious Statue of David Souvenirs. So good, oh my god.)

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