Souvenir Lessons – Madrid and Style

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I’m not a big souvenir person.

I want something that really captures the emotions and experiences I had while traveling, and I can’t seem to find that in a keychain or a shot glass.
As I’m riding the high speed train from Madrid to Barcelona, three days in to my first international trip with a bunch of strangers, I’ve decided I want to take some knowledge home. Not necessarily facts (though I’ve learned some cool shit about Spanish history) but some sort of lesson to be learned from each city.

So from Madrid, I’m taking some of their style.

Style is two-fold in this case. First, their fashion choices are AMAZING. Simple pieces with a statement accessory, such as a dramatic pair of earrings paired with a t shirt dress or hot pink espadrilles with a black slip maxi. I want to be that cool when I’m getting groceries, sheesh.

But that fashion sense reflects a deeper style.

Madrid is a city of acceptance. There’s no questioning or pointing fingers; you just accept how it is. Simple. It’s difficult to feel out of place because everyone belongs there.

As I sat in the Puerta Del Sol in the middle of the city, people watching and eating ice cream, the hustle of diversity rushing past felt so peaceful. Everyone was different, from Gucci draped women pushing Yorkies in strollers to little old ladies selling oranges, everyone looked content. Even the Spanish food of choice, tapas, is specifically made for sharing.

Heading into this trip, one of my biggest concerns was sticking out. I’m a tall, fat American. I was worried I wouldn’t belong with locals or tourists. But I’m finding that just doing my thing and accepting myself is pushing me towards people who accept me as well.

So Madrid, I’ll be borrowing some of that accepting style. Share and embrace instead of seclude and distance. I’ll also steal some styling tips, cause damn.

(P.S. I totally bought a mug… I can’t go entirely souvenir-less.)


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